the 3rd eye ss18

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This is one of the projects, I was engaged in during my internship at Grand Studio Ltd..

The Third Eye (T3E) has been a considerably big project, with more than 15 people working on concept, textile print designs (AOP & placed), apparel designs, photography, retouch and more, in both Zurich and Shanghai.

Since my task was to combine everybody's work into one final product, it required great effort and a lot of coordination in order to finish on time.

In particular, within this project I was in charge of cover design, picture retouch, general layout as well as conceptual layout changes, textile print design, proof reading & prepress.

Due to daily interaction with the various fashion designers, working on the styles included in T3E, I gained deep insight into the apparel and fashion industry. 


Also, the close correspondence with the publisher did train me further for prepress.

The publisher mode...information Germany describes The Third Eye as following: 

"This trend book provides a comprehensive survey of sports and streetwear trends two years ahead of the season introducing 3 inspiring themes with all in all 300 garment styles as well as 300 print proposals, 3 colour stories, plenty of fabric suggestions and ideas for trims and labels.

All illustrations, graphics and sketches of the book are easy accessible on the included DVD in the most common digital vector and bitmap formats.


The flats and prints are grouped in a way that allows different elements to be separated and reworked.

The files are compatible to be edited, recolored, or combined with other elements using the following programs: Adobe Illustrator®, CorelDraw®, Macromedia Freehand® or Adobe Photoshop®.

Hardcover/Ringbook with removable pages, 138 pages, Text: English"

The Third Eye SS18 can be purchased here.