rbn designs

#corporate design

You learn something new every day, also concerning design. There are new trends, new techniques etc. So creating your own logo is probably the most challenging task for a designer in the initial steps of career development. You will always feel there is room for improvement, therefore you will either want it to carry a deeper meaning (establishing a clear connection to the designer) or for it to be super simple (so it can be easily altered).


I went for the first option. rbn designs stands for me, my name Robin, and of course the designs I create. Furthermore, Robin is also a bird and me liking the general dynamics of that, I started out with the goal of designing a bird shaped logo.


However, to give it even more of a personal twist I based the design on a grid. The grid itself was based on the geometric form of the "air bladder" (the shape of two circles which outlines cross each others middle). It's called "air bladder" because it reminds of the organ fish have to stay on a certain depth in the water. I chose this shape in particular because pisces is my zodiac.


For the color scheme I went with a cool scandinavian palette combined with a vivid orange, which is complementary to the blue-grey.